A simple blog about the simple joys of beer


The Blog

Started in late 2012, is a part-time beer blog aimed at all those who enjoy beer, from the everyday just-a-beer-drinker to the brew aficionado.

The lofty, and someone secondary goals of this blog are to increase good-beer awareness, educate and expand a readers beer palette, and perhaps report an interesting fact now and again.

Primarily, this blog serves as a home for the random musings brought about while enjoying a good beer with good friends!

The Author

Tom Dyer

Author, Editor, and Web Operator
Online: @thomaswsdyer
Beer Style: Hops
Favourite Beer: Phillips Hoperation Tripel Cross

Mild-mannered Web Operations specialist by day, beer blogger by night.

When I’m not keeping a small corner of the Internet running, I can usually be found out or at home enjoying a great beer! The usual haunts include Brewsters, Beer Revolution, or Willow Park Wines and Spirits.

You can probably tell by the “great” jokes in my many post titles, I like to have a lot of fun when I write. I always have a lot on the go and my twitter feed is always full of DevOps-isms, Mountain Biking, home brewing, fast cars, board games, and probably everything in between…maybe I’ll get around to writing that spy novel sometime soon.