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Gearing Up for December

An Annual Tradition

December fast approaches and with it comes Advent Calendar season!

One week from today, kids of all ages will be able to start their wonderful twenty-four day adventure; a new surprise every morning! While there are many varieties available this year (chocolate, LEGO , toys, whisky) we’re of course focusing on Beer Advent Calendars!

Last year we took on the mighty task of working through two advent calendars, so how could we top that?

Well how about THREE advent calendars!

That’s right, this year we’re upping the ante and taking on three advent calendars. The Craft Beer Advent Calendar and Phillips Snowcase make a return and join the Parallel 49 / Central City Brewing Mystery Gift!

Similar to last year we’ll be posting each day’s brews on our twitter (@beerbloggerca) with a wrap-up at the end!

2014 Advent Calendars

What’s In The Box?

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect.

Labeled similarly to last year, the Phillips Snowcase generically teases at a variety of styles (Beer, Strong Beer, Extra Strong Beer and Spiced Beer) from Phillips Brewing Company ranging from 5.0% ABV to 10.0% ABV. Last year included a couple surprises with plenty of old favourites, can we expect the same this year?

The Craft Beer Advent Calendar returns with an Intercontinental Edition for it’s 2014 incarnation. Beers from seventeen countries across six continents, including Finland, Guiana, Israel, New Zealand and South Africa lay in wait inside this cardboard treasure chest. The ABV breakdown covers 4.5% ABV at the low end thru to 10% and 11% ABV at the high end. Craft Beer Imports promises the twenty-beers aren’t currently available on shelves so each day will be a new experience!

The newcomer this year is the Mystery Gift from Parallel 49 and Central City Brewing. These two great B.C. breweries have teamed up to provide eleven beers each, along with two collaboration brews! I’m a big fan of both of these breweries and can’t wait to dig into this one. The ABV breakdown is fairly standard at 5.0% thru 10.0% ABV.

Tune In On Monday!

Keep an eye on our twitter starting next Monday for all the action!

Remember, don’t drink more. Drink better!