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ICYMI: Beer News From Around The Net

While some new, original content is in the works, we thought we’d prime the pump with a few items you may have missed in the last little while!

New Breweries

Fresh on the scene is Calgary’s Zero Issue Brewing. Aiming to be in production is 2017, Zero Issue is aiming to be Calgary’s first foeder brewing - using a twenty hectoliter oak tank, usually for wine making, that should lend itself to creating some funky, tart, and sour beers. Check out the write-up over a The Daily Beer to learn all about them!

The beer scene out in Canmore is about to get a bit bigger. The Canmore Brewing Company is getting scary close to making beer - follow along on their social media to see the space coming together!

Common Crown Brewing launched their two flagship beers, ‘Brewmaster Blonde Ale’ and ‘Coppersmith Brown Ale’, and Calgary’s Beer Revolution this past Friday. These beers will be coming soon to other locations and liquor stores around the province. Hit up their website or follow on social media for the latest.

High Line Brewing, located in Inglewood in Calgary, are having their grand opening this Friday from 4-10pm. Teaser shots of their space on social media show a fantastic looking place full of character, and their website has a great looking list of on-tap and coming soon beers. So head on down to their tasting room, grab a growler fill or (soon) a 4-pack of cans and check out the latest new kid on the block!

New Beers

Big Rock Brewery (a fundamental Calgary beer institution) has knocked it out of the park again with their latest limited release. Their ‘Rum Barrel Aged Barley Wine’ was released a couple weeks back. Combining the sweet, stickiness of rum with traditional dark/stone fruits and brown sugars of an English-style barley wine. Although I’ve got a few bottles aging in the “cellar”, you won’t be disappointed if you succumb to temptation and crack one now. If you can still find it, definitely worth picking it up!

Another Calgary-based brewery, Banded Peak, released their ‘Javalanche Session Coffee Stout’ this past weekend. Infused with Rosso coffee beans, you can find this well-bodied, 3.5% ABV coffee stout at their Taproom.

Three great Alberta breweries are teaming up for a fantastic collaboration beer. Bench Creek, Blindman, and Troubled Monk are getting together to brew, what is described as, “A big cloudy East Coast Double IPA with Azacca hops”. Be on the lookout for ‘Troubled Waters’ on draft (only) in the near future!

Last Best Brewing tapped their first (hopefully of many) cask beers down in The Shop this past Friday. The beer, an English mild ale, was brewed by Last Best’s own Conrad Meers, and while I wasn’t able to make it down myself, my sources have the following details. Maris-Otter as a base malt and hopped with EKG, Willamette, and more EKG at the end - it sounds like a deliciously crafted brew and a great entry point for cask beers at Last Best.

Upcoming Events

CAMRA Alberta will be hosting ‘Battle of the Casks’ on Wednesday, November 23rd at National on 17th. This ‘Round 3’ bout will feature casks of the dark stuff, porters and stouts! Tickets are $40 and available through the CAMRA Alberta website with proceeds to the CUPS.

Something Else

Lastly, something a little different. Travelocity and The Brewers Associated have partnered together to create the first Beer Tourism Index. The index was created by looking at:

“the location of all breweries in the U.S. and looking at other factors important to a successful “beercation,” including the availability of rideshare services, accessibility via air, and the average cost of lodging, this index identified the best large and small metro areas to sample some of the nation’s best craft beers”

Definitely an interesting concept to consider - I wonder what a ‘Beer Tourism Index’ would look like for Canada? Alberta? Now? In 5 years?

Hope you enjoyed!

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