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La Cervesera Artesana

Craft Beer in Barcelona

After a few days of Estrella, San Miguel, Mahou, the odd Alhambra, and a couple Lisbon-located Sagres pints it would almost be forgivable to think that Spain is a country dominated by wines with a splash of mass produced euro lagers thrown in as palate cleansers.

Fear not! For tucked away on the quiet Carrer Sant Agustí in the Gràcia district lies La Cervesera Artesana.

Started in 1996, La Cervesera Artesana could be credited with creating the first “official” Catalan craft beers. Today they offer a great selection of international bottled craft beer, some european standards (Guinness, Kwak) on tap, and (most importantly) feature five or six taps of their own Iberian microbrew.

Read on for a look at this Catalonian treasure!

La Cervesera Artesana

Night Owl

Night Owl Kenyan French Pressed Coffee Stout

April 22 started like any other Tuesday, but ended with the launch of Night Owl, a collaboration brew between Calgary’s own Tool Shed Brewing Company, Big Rock Brewing and Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters.

Night Owl is billed as a ‘Kenyan French Pressed Coffee Stout’ which combines a custom tailored stout recipe and a new coffee infusing process. The result from this Calgary trio is creating quite a buzz on the local beer scene.

So let’s wake up and smell the coffee and perk up to what makes this beer so special.

New Crustacean Barleywine-ish Imperial IPA…Sorta

A Small Look at a Big Beer

Rogue’s description of this beer starts with “The name sort of says it all.” and I couldn’t agree more.

Two malts brewed with a blend of four distinct hops produce this very unique beer. Partially a strong ale and not quite an Imperial IPA, the Rogue Ales New Crustacean Barleywineish Imperial IPA Sorta has many things going on.

While this level of complexity could create a brew that’s confused and off-kilter the New Crustacean thrives, breaking the style boundaries and truly showing that “Great beer is great beer”.

Read on for a full review!

The Grizzly Paw Brewery

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

I’ve been a fan of The Grizzly Paw Brewery for many years now mostly visiting their brew-pub on Main St. in Canmore, but I finally made some time to stop by the brand new Grizzly Paw Brewery this past weekend.

Though open for nearly a full year, it still has that ‘new brewery smell’ and is all-in-all one of the nicer facilities I’ve toured. With plenty of room for expansion (and a few hidden secrets) there should be some interesting developments coming from Grizzly Paw in the near future.

Read on for a little more about the brewery and a look at their limited release Sochi Session Ale!

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Fowl Mouth ESB

Big Rock’s Latest Brewmasters Edition

2014 is shaping up to be a big year for Big Rock. Hot on the heels of their new packaging launch, Big Rock opens up their 2014 Brewmasters Calendar with the Fowl Mouth ESB.

It’s definitely not your typical bitter, weaving in a couple unexpected flavours. It’s maybe not as exciting as previous Brewmasters editions, like Life of Chai or Monkey’s Fist, but Big Rock’s take on the ESB genre is a $%&#*@ good time!

Officially launched last week, Fowl Mouth can be found in stores now.

Read on for a full review and some bits from the Calgary launch party!